pastoral care

The Church of the Ascension
The Pastoral Care Ministry

The mission of Pastoral Care is to provide a spiritual, nurturing and caring environment in which the individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs are met while recognizing and valuing their diversity.
Its goals are to reach out to the sick and shut-ins. They accomplish this through, visitations, respite care, support groups, counseling, prayer line, prayer partners, fellowship, worship and bereavement support.
In additional to its core organizing body, the Pastoral Care Committee works closely with the priest and gets participatory assistance from the whole church, especially, in the areas of visitations, Eucharistic worship and bereavement support. As is expected, Pastoral Care gets great support from the Nursing Ministry. They also partner with community health-care organizations in sharing pastoral functions. A.I.D.S counselling and support is only on their agenda.

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