Parish life

Ascension Parish Life Ministry

Caring, protecting and assisting church members are among the essential elements of the Parish life ministry. This ministry encompasses the entire parish and is very diverse in the things it does. It functions through an energetic team that helps to co-ordinate activities, such as, monitoring attendance to check on status of members, shut-ins and folks with specific needs, various fellowship and social events, church-men (ECM) and church-women (ECW).
Hospitality and new members welcome and orientation are a huge part of what they do. This ministry helps to set the tone for peace, love, harmony and growth within the church.
Parish Life influences how the church behaves and expresses itself to the world as Christians should, ‘loving each other as Christ loves us’.
It’s an evolving ministry that has its challenges but, on the other hand, it’s full of peace and joy.

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