“Remember - Serve - Imagine"

"Recordando - Sirviendo - Imagine"

Women in the Ministry

Ascension's Episcopal Church

Women (ECW)

E.C.W. Sunday

As Episcopal Church Women, we are keepers and proclaimers of the Christian faith, bearing the light and hope of Jesus Christ to all. Witnessing for Christ, worshiping together and celebrating our diversity, we build and strengthen our community. We minister to become faithful stewards of God’s creation

The life of an Episcopal Church Woman begins in the local congregation by strengthening and nourishing the women of our parish and its missions. General meetings are held monthly to plan, communicate and motivate. In the spring and fall seasons, we participate in the United Thank Offering. Socially, there are the annual prayer breakfast and the ‘Grace Sargeant Tea Event.’ Most of the funds raised from these events are donated for outreach projects and to help foster the needs of the church.

" We are one in the Spirit: Enlightened, Charismatic, Witnesses for Christ"

President: Lorna Asencor

IMG-20200420-WA0008_Lorna Asencor

Mrs. Lorna Asencor



Ms. Lorna Smith

Assistant Secretary

IMG_20160911_145953_resized_Loren Welcj

Mrs. Loren Welch

CPC Coordinator

IMG_3322_Kim Darville2

Mrs. Kimberly Darville

1st Vice President

thumbnail_Brenda McGintis

Mrs. Brenda McGintis



Ms. Hazel Knight


20200426_154947_nouveau Allen

Mrs. Noveau Allen

Financial Secretary

20200429_144940_Aneita Walker

Mrs. Aneita Walker

UTO  Coorindator