Episcopal Church Men

“Stir Up the Spirit: ¡Celebremos!”

Men in the Ministry

Similar to our female counterpart, the Episcopal Church Women (ECW), the Episcopal Church Men (ECM) also see themselves as keepers and proclaimers of the Christian faith, bearing the light and hope of Jesus Christ to all. Witnessing for Christ, worshiping together and celebrating our diversity, we build and strengthen our community. We minister to become faithful stewards of God’s creation. One of our mission is to protect and secure the physical environment of the church. To ensure that its upkeep and maintenance are adequate.

The life of an Episcopal Church Man begins in the local congregation to strengthen and nourishing the men of our parish and its missions. Social events include an annual prayer breakfast, a Valentine’s Party and a ‘Summer Jump-up.’ Proceeds from these events are donated to the Sunday school, Youth and Early Adults ministries, outreach projects, and to assist with the needs of the church.

In conjunction with the ECW we organize the annual ‘family and friends’ church picnic. The ECM reaches out to young men and is intensifying its efforts by way of a purpose-driven mentoring program.

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