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Ascension's nursing ministry focus on the wellness of parishioners and the surrounding community. The ministry emphasizes healthy living and early illness detection.

There is a registered nurse at virtually all major church events. The nurse can perform routine vital signs examinations and handle some basic emergencies. For situations outside of the nurse’s scope, the church is located near several major hospitals, with Jackson South less than two miles away.

The Ministry's focus is on preventive healthcare and giving parishioners, as well as the community, the tools and information necessary to spot possible health problems and live long and healthy lives.

Frequent Events for Ascension's Nursing Ministry includes :

Health Chats

A informal gathering for anyone that interested on a particular medical theme with specialist as the presenter

Health Fairs

The health fairs offer a bit of everything from examinations to professional advice and referrals. The event is open to the public.


A monthly flyer that offers tips for wellness, healthy living and hints in recognizing early signs to illnesses.

Leader: Helen Bhagwandin

Sharing Our "God-Sent" Gifts

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